Nuts and Dried Fruits


Dried fruits are produced by desiccating all kinds of fresh fruits, we are producing and importing different kinds of desiccated fruits such as :

Chilgoza Pine , Current , Walnut , Apricot , Apple and Date

Fresh fruits are chosen carefully to make shore about quality after processing, some of the fruits such as apple have been supplying from our orchards and others by our partners or importing from third countries.

our valuable main costumers are from Russia ,Kuwait,Oman, UAE , Iran and Afghanistan 

our orchard located in iran ,Iran has reliable potential of raw materials such as Apple ,Date , Current and walnut except that we import Current and Chilgoza Pine from Afghanistan , Date from Arabic countries and Ukrainian walnuts.

Drying fruits results better save of micro and macro elements. persevering of elements help body to benefit of essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Those ingredients rich your diet and improve mental and physical activities. 

Studies show more beneficial effects of sunlight drying, that causes better absorption and savage of vitamins, that means, body will benefited of much more active ingredients in compare of electrical and artificial drying process