Fresh Fruits

We do have brilliant experience of producing and exporting fresh fruits
((the story of our fruit production backs to 1930, we started our farming in Damavand ,we were the first that started to do farming by using new technologies, I’m the third generation of the family )). Mr Muhammad Ebrahimi founder of Ebrahimi brothers’ Agro-Industry

our company has long tradition of collaboration with farmers Ecotourism Damavand in all rest the world ,from southeast Asia to northwest of the EU, we have complete collection of different fruits such as tropical and special fresh fruits.

we have been trying to change our growers perspective from old fashioned one to organic growing ,hence we decided to encourage them to us organic fertilizer and pesticide, as a result we connected them to our organic matter producers .

after long term we are much more closer to organic farming than past and much more closer to healthy diet.