Directly from our orchards

  Arya fardad own about 21 hectares of 40 years of apple orchards,we people as the fourth generation of the family have a long tradition of exporting different varieties of apple (Red , Golden Delicious and Gala) to different counties specially UAE ,Kuwait,Afghanistan and Russia .

  we are distinguished as the best apple producer for twice times in Iran,with 140 tonnes of production per a hectare we had already broken the world record.



our products have been fertilized by the best standard fertilizers to obtain the best quality.

  our orchard located in the rest of Damavand city as the best apple producer in the middle east even among the best cities in the world.

Apples those are produced in Damavand are superior with firmness and long lasting savage ability.

as an experience, we had saved Golden Delicious variety for over 8 months in a cold storage place with 3% reduction of weight,quality and firmness,finally.

Our location

We,as a reliable supplier has the potential of supply your company with 1000 tonnes of the best quality of apple directly from suppliers.

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